Which need charging, and with what?

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well with their source of course

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I was wondering if all power rings need charging, and the ones that do need charging other then green, with what?

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Presumably they all will need to be charged. Details about the others (besides Green and Yellow) aren't available at the moment.

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According to what we know yes all lanterns need to be charged. reasoning is as follows we know that the yellow ring of sinestro needs to be charged every 24 hours just like the GL rings so the same would be true of all its copys made by the qwardians. And we know that the black lanterns also known as the anti lanterns pre the antimonitor becoming its avatar could only use the ring for 24 hours before burning out both the ring and the host. So there for logic says yes all lanterns need to be charged approx 24 hours. ANy questions?

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is it possible to use different energy sources besides the batteries, such as electricity?

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@Silver Knight75 said:
" is it possible to use different energy sources besides the batteries, such as electricity? "
kyle has used electricity to charge up his ring once in one of his early adventures as a GL i dont remember the circumstances though

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