Green Mask

    Character » Green Mask appears in 80 issues.

    Michael Shebly is the Green Mask who got his powers from vita-rays.

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    Original Green Mask 
    Michael Shebly (also known as Selby in some books) is the first super hero to carry the name of the Green Mask. Very few people new of his identity one being News Blake an ace reporter for the Daily Globe.  Blake would even go under cover and fight along side Green Mask.  Shelby was a superhero before he even had powers. He got his powers from vita-rays.  He always carried a gun even with his powers. He also had a sidekick known as the Domino. Later, his son took up the mantle of the Green Mask.

    The Second Green Mask 
    The second Green Mask was Johnny Green also known as Walter Green. Johnny was a teenager who transformed into an adult when he became angry or upset.


    The Green Mask was created by Walter Frehm.


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