Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps: Secret Files » 1 issues

    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2008.

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    Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Bios on over 200 Lanterns.

    Featured Characters:

    Anti-Monitor, Black Lantern, Carol Ferris, Cowgirl, The Emotional spectrum, Ganthet, The Green Lantern Corps (Aa, Adam, Alia, Amanita, Apros, Arisia, Arx, Ash, Ash-Pak-Glif, Barreer Wot, B'dg, Boodikka, Breeon, Brik, Brokk, Bruun, Bzzd, Charqwep, Chaselon, Cimfet Tau, The Collective, Dalor, Dkrtzy RRR, Droxelle, El'qa Squa Zreenah, Garmin Vid, Ghr'll and Xylpth, G'Hu, Gk'd, Gpaak, Graf Toren, Green Man, Greet, Gretti, Grumb, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Hannu, Harvid, Horoq Nnot, Isamot Kol, John Stewart, Kaylark, Kilowog, Kraken, Krista X, Krydel-4, KT21, Kyle Rayner, Laira, Lan Dibbux, Larvox, Lashorr, Leezle Pon, Lin Canar, Lok Neboora, Lysandra, Malet Dasim, Markot Five, Matoo and Amnee Pree, M'Dahna, Meadlux, Medphyll, Mogo, Morro, Norchavius, Okonoko, Olapet, Oliversity, Opto309v, Palaqua, Penelops, Penn Maricc, Perdoo, Princess Iolande, Procanon Kaa, Raker Qarrigat, R'amey Holl, Rees-Van, Relok Hag, Remnant Nod, Rori Stroh, Rot Lop Fan, RRU-9-2, Saarek, Salaak, Sendrina, Sheriff Mardin, Shilandra Thane, Shorm, Sir Deeter, Skirl, Skyrd, Sodam Yat, Soranik Natu, Spol, Stel, Symon Terrynce, Taa, Tagort, Tahr, Talmadge, T-Cher, Tomar-Tu, Tomy-Fai, Torquemada, Tuebeen, Turytt, Umitu, Vandor, Varix, Vath Sarn, Venizz, Vode-M, Volk, Von Daggle, Voz, Wissen, Zghithii), Guardians of the Universe, Ion - Willpower Entity, Parallax - Fear Entity, Sayd, Sinestro Corps (Amon Sur, Ampa Nnn, Arkillo, Bedovian, Borialosaurus, Braach, Bur'Gunza, Cyborg-Superman, Despotellis, DevilDog, Fatality, Feena Sik, Flayt, Gleen, Haasp the Hunter, Karu-Sil, Kiriazis, Kretch, Kryb, Low, Lyssa Drak, Maash, Mallow, Manhunters, Mongul, Moose, Murr the Melting Man, Romat-Ru, Schlagg-Man, Scivor, Seer Ruggle, Setag Retss, Sinestro, Sirket, Slushh, Smithwick, Snap Trap, Sn'Hoj, Stanch, Starro, Tekik, Tri-Eye, Yellow Lantern), Star Sapphires, Superman-Prime".

    Collected in Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book Three.

    Note: Indicia titled as "Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps: Secret Files.


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