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Baz and Cruz: Space Cops

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Writers: Geoff Johns & Sam Humphries

Artists: Ethan Van Sciver & Ed Benes

As the two newest Corps members assigned to planet Earth, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz herald the 'Rebirth' era for the Green Lanterns in the classiest of fashions. Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries write what can be described as a multi-purpose inaugural issue, and a successful one at that.

You can read more of my spoilers-free review here:

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    Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 shows Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz meeting for the first time. The issue also establishes why the two Lanterns will be working together in this new series. Both these Lanterns are still new to their role and learning how to fully use their lantern rings.I enjoyed this issue and liked how it set up things for Simon and Jessica to begin working with each other. I also liked how Jessica's agoraphobia was referenced as the character has come a long way since her deb...

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