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    Green Lanterns #1 Review

    Green Lanterns #1 is a decent start to this new series featuring Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz serving as Earth's resident Green Lanterns. The issue begins with Simon and Jessica responding to an alien alert given by their Green Lantern rings. After they reach the destination of the alert and subdue the enemy force that they encounter, the two lanterns are find something mysterious.

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    While I did enjoy this issue, I also found it to be somewhat disappointing in several areas. The pacing for this issue moves pretty fast and I think it would have better to focus on certain aspects of the story here while saving other aspects of the story for the next issue.This comic has a very "buddy cop" type feel too it which is nice but Sam Humphries ends up overdoing it a little by adding stereotypical cop terms and phrases to the dialog. The last complaint I have is with the characterization of the Red Lanterns that appear in the book. One comes off as a one sided evil villain while the latter is just a submissive lackey to the former. These are two characters that I've really liked seeing in the past so seeing them like this now is disappointing and seems like regression.

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    Despite my various criticisms, I did genuinely enjoy this comic. I liked seeing Simon and Jessica work together and interact with one another. In this issue, something important happens to Simon so I am interested to see how that factors into the story and the character's future as a whole. I am also interested to see where the story goes.

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    Robson Rocha does art for the issue. Rocha's art in the issue is fine for the most part but it is a little lacking in some areas. This issue has several scenes that are unexpectedly gruesome. While this did not affect my enjoyment of issue, I was surprised to find that in a comic like this.

    I didn't enjoy Green Lanterns #1 as much as Green Lanterns Rebirth #1, I still thought it was a moderately enjoyable issue. I think that this story has potential and Simon is one of my favorite Lanterns so I'm hoping that this story improves as it goes on.

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