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    Volume 5.

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    Preceded by Volume 4, Continued in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

    Following the New 52 DC Comics event, The Story of the Green Lantern is reborn, with new twists and plots. Green Lantern is a monthly comic including some of the Corps most noticeable members, alongside some new and formidable Green Lanterners. Major turning points within this comic are the Rise of the Third Army, the Revenge of Black Hand and the introduction of Simon Baz.

    Longtime Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns follows where War of the Green Lanterns left off, Sinestro, long time enemy of the Green Lantern Corps, has become a Green Lantern again, and no one knows why. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is still without his ring, and due to his over-commitment to the Corps, his civilian life back on Earth is in shambles.


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