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Green Lantern (Volume 2). Preceded by Green Lantern Volume 1, Continued in The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1.

Promo by Dave Gibbons
Promo by Dave Gibbons

Green Lantern Volume 1 was centered around Alan Scott. Although the volumes share the names the Green Lanterns had completely different powers and origins.

Volume 2 saw the first appearance of Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Sinestro, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corp. Towards the end of the volume the Green Lantern title changed to Green Lantern Co-Staring Green Arrow, and Green Arrow became a constant character in the series. The series then changed its title back to Green Lantern, which lasted up to issue #200. Then the series changed its title again to The Green Lantern Corps, which lasted five issue before the series became officially The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1.

Indicia title is Green Lantern up until #205.

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