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Counter to the review by Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero

Having read the review posted by Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero, and having seen the movie myself, I must respectfully disagree with his view on the topic. 
I do believe that Green Lantern will be one of the movies to beat this summer.  I went into this move with my doubts, and my expectations were not so high.  But lets start with my history with this character.  Green Lantern was the very first comic book I've read, and since then I've always been hooked, so for me the expectations of what I wanted to see as a die hard GL fan were pretty high.

This movie exceeded every expectation I had for a "true" Green Lantern movie.  Sure there were some changes to the base storyline, but (unlike ANY X-Men movie) it remained TRUE to the core of the story. 

The opening dialogue gives you a very good and brief summary of exactly what the Green Lantern Corps is.  Do they change the origin of certain key characters?  Yes, does it take too much away from the core of what Hal Jordan Green Lantern is? No.

Having a movie about a human being that gets drafted into an intergalactic police force I wanted, no almost demanded scenes in space, and most specifically there had to be scenes on Oa, or this would not be a Green Lantern movie at all.  There have been various "Secret Origins" for Hal, and I do feel this one attempted to pull from all of them.  Was there balance between the Oa and Earth scenes, perhaps not, but they fit, and didn't seem to bog the story down for me at all.

My biggest concern was the casting of Ryan  Reynolds as Hal Jordan.  I as a die hard Hal Jordan fan wanted somebody, anybody else in the role.  And I must admit I was mistaken in my concerns (One must note I will never admit to being that "W" word).  The characterization, and acting by Ryan as Hall was to my enjoyment spot on how I pictured it to be. Did they spend too little time on the training sequences?  Maybe, but one must remember in the comics they showed about 15 single panels of Hal training before he returned to Earth. I think the training scenes were well fit, and I was especially please with the interaction between Hal and Sinestro.

In Tom's review he mentions that he has issues with Hal going from struggling to use the ring to becoming an expert, and yet in the newly revamped Secret Origin (Which Tom seems set in stone on) Hal was the first Green Lantern to ever use his ring to affect a yellow object.  In the Comics Hal's training period was 90 days.  (The same 90 days he spent in jail for DUI)  And in the Revised Secret Origin it seemed even shorter.  Again this movie seemed to pull from various Origin stories, one of which a GL was not required to "earn his badge".  Even in the comics Hal has been shown, being one of the newest GL's to do things other GL's thought or said were impossible.  Affecting a yellow object, he was the first GL to charge his ring directly from the central battery.  Even in the 80's Emerald Dawn stories, he defeated a foe that had struck down countless members of the corps.  Hal in the comics has shown an ability to reach unheard of levels of skill with the ring in a short amount of time, so this aspect of the movie didn't bother me.

Hal and Sinestro.  Again, depending on what Origin story you read, in the original origin Sinestro was banished from the Corps before Hal was a member.  In the 80's he was an antagonistic secondary trainer to Kilowog (Which I think is where this movie pulls from).  and then you get the new Secret Origin rewrite where they were "Buddies" which I never really bought to begin with.  This version of Sinestro was much more true to the comic version than I could have hoped for.

I was amazed by the cast!  to me it seemed spot on accurate.  Blake's Carol was Amazing!

The only flaw I see with this movie is the standard we seem to be getting with comic movies these days.  One hero... Two villains.  WHY?  Since Batman returns this seems to have been the mold and I truly think someone needs to find this mold and shatter it to pieces! Parralex (And I love how they imply that Parralex is Krona) would have made a fitting villain all by himself, without using Hector as an "Avatar".
All in all as a die hard GL fan, this movie was everything I have ever hoped for in a GL movie (with the exception of the aforementioned two bad guy thing).  I highly recommend going to see it, and I will be buying it when it is released on DVD.
OH, and stay after the credits!

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