The Prophesies of Green Lantern *Spoilers*

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One of the things that has made Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern is the constant idea that something bigger is going on and Johns has had a big plan/arching story. The idea that the Guardians are holding back so much knowledge of was has happened and what is to come.

One method that Johns has used to keep readers hooked is by showing us glimpses of things to come in prophesies. These prophesies have been coming from very early on, some have been fulfilled and others are yet to be resolved.

The first and most obvious one was the Blackest Night prophecy, but many more have come since.

In Green Lantern #6 we saw a new prophecy that talked about the rise of the Third Army. Things we've already seen include Sinestro as a member of the Indigo Tribe (issues #7-9), Blackhand killing Sinestro and Hal with the green ring searching for a replacement (annual #1). One thing we haven't yet seen is what appears to be Ganthet in the possession of a White power ring.

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The annual bought us even more prophesies. We've already seen the creation of the new green lantern (Baz in issue #0), Kyle tapping into the red lanterns power (New Guardians #13) and Guy behind bars (we saw him getting arrested at the end of Green Lantern Corps #15). We've not yet seen Atrocitus leading the Man Hunters, but at the end of issue #14 he states that that is his next move and this will probably be fulfilled in issue #15.

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The final revelation in this issue is perhaps the most shocking, that Hal will be the greatest Black Lantern. This has not yet come true and I don't know when it will.

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My thoughts are that if Hal becomes a Black Lantern (dead) the white lantern ring in the earlier prophecy will be used to bring him back.

Issue #0 of New Guardians brought a bit of a boring prophecy of Kyle learning to use all of the various lantern powers, which has been steadily being fulfilled since.

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The last prophecy I want to bring to your attention is perhaps one of the oldest, it comes from Green Lantern #37 Rage of the Red Lanterns part 3, before the events of Blackest Night. Atrocitus tells Hal "-you will become Renegade once more. The Guardians will take your greatest love from you. You will revolt. And you will lose everything as the universe divides."

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Now has this happened? Is it yet to happen? Or have plans changed?

Is this referring to Hal killing Krona? Is Hal's greatest love the ring or Carol? Hal hasn't revolted yet. "As the universe divides" flashpoint? That was more of more universes colliding/combining. Perhaps this will come as a result to the Guardians trying to destroy the corps.

What are your thoughts? Are there any more prophesies I missed? Do you think it's a good plot tool? Would you like to see more?

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most have come guess is that Hal becoming a Black Lantern and Sinestro dying will happen in may

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