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Review: Green Lantern #65

Oh man, it is about to "pop off." In part four of the War of the Green Lanterns, Guy and Hal are trying to find the Green House, a Green Lantern safe house, and come up with a plan to stop Krona. All four of Earth's Green Lanterns come together and change the name of the game in order to stop the War.

The Good

I've said this a few months: "I have my doubts about this war." I thought it was going to be a giant letdown, compared to the other Green Lantern stories since 2006; however, I take it all back because this storyline keeps getting better and better. There has been 65 issues in this series so far, and not one of them, in my mind, is under 3.5 stars. Most of these books are 4 stars easily.

While the issue starts a bit slow, we get to see a pretty clever, and kinda stupid plan come together. I say "kinda stupid" simply because there seems to be no other option and it could seriously hurt the Earth lanterns, especially Kyle's decision. Will this plan work? Well, you don't have to wait too long since Green Lantern Corps is also out this week.

I don't want to give too much away, since there's a good deal of possible spoilers within the issue. Here's what you really need to know: strong, fantastic writing, solid and detailed art, and a story that is a lot of interesting set-up.

The Bad

The first few pages featuring Guy and Hal were ok. It was a bit boring, but not bad by any means. It's my only complaint.

The Verdict

I shouldn't have to tell you to read this book. It should be obvious. While the twist at the ending may come off a tad lame at first, that's the point. It's a fly-by-night decision. War of the Green Lanterns isn't a gimmick and it isn't a novelty story line. It's just a damn good arc thus far. Keep in mind this is a pretty big set-up issue, but don't let that get you down. The next part of the story line came out this week in Green Lantern Corps, so you don't have to wait to see where it goes. Flat-out, if you're not reading Green Lantern, then you put cracks in my heart, since this is one fun book.

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