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Hal Jordan has been framed for murder in this new trade paperback collecting GREEN LANTERN #14-20! Now, Hal is on the run from a legion of intergalactic bounty hunters and the new Global Guardians. Can he clear his name and discover who put a price on his head?

Wanted: Hal Jordan collects issues #14-20 of Green Lantern (vol. 4).

Collects the story arcs, Hal Jordan wanted and Mystery of the Star Sapphire, along with covers of the 6 issues. Does not include the back-up stories, Tales of the Sinestro Corps.


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Hal Jordan, Wanted By Many 0

The Story:  Hal Jordan, Shane Sellers and Jillian Pearlman reminisce about when they were recently captured, interrogated and tortured. Cowgirl (Jillian) goes after the men responsible without telling Hal and winds up getting captured again. Hal Jordan goes to her aide but is met by the Global Guardians who frame Jordan for murder. Amon Sur, the son of Abin Sur seeks revenge on Hal Jordan and wants his fathers ring. Hunger Dog (John Stewart disguising himself) captures Jordan and brings him to A...

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Wanted: Geoff Johns' Full Talent 0

 Geoff Johns' can be brilliant and then he can be just good. Don't get me wrong, I'll take "just good" over bad anytime. But, I think knowing Johns' is so capable of writing great stories that when he writes just good stories, it almost feels like they're bad.Wanted: Hal Jordan collects two story arcs: the first being where the collected volume gets its title "Wanted: Hal Jordan" and the second is titled "Mystery of the Star Sapphire.""Wanted: Hal Jordan" is a decent enough story that inv...

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