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Hal Jordan , Kilowog, Salaak, Green Man, Tomar Re, and Katma Tui, investigate the death of Barin Char, and discover a colony of Xenomorphs. Instead of killing them Hal proposes they move them to Mogo for safe keeping. The group agrees and it seems like the mission is over.

10 years later a transport crashes on Mogo and Kyle Rayner, Salaak, Ash, Brik, Tomar Dar go to the rescue. On Mogo they meet Crowe the lone survivor, she helps them track down the crew.

Along the way everyone but Kyle, Salaak and Crowe are captured and taken to the Alien Queen. The three try to mount an attack but Kyle loses his Green Power Ring and Salaak is taken captive. Kyle and Crowe find the Queen's chamber and Kyle ring but Crowe is killed and Kyle realizes everyone is dead or dieing.

Kyle uses the ring to kill all the Xenomorphs and get all the living captives topside. There Kyle learns that only a hand full of crew members made it and only two of his team survived.

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