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The Green Lantern of the Tangent Universe uses this lantern to resurrect the dead.  But it also seems to be a gateway into another world.  Before the Infinite Crisis, the Earth of the Tangent Universe was labeled Earth-97.  This Green Lantern's true identity is unknown, though one account claims she was  Lois Lane of Earth-97; another account claims she is Kori Anders, twin sister of a female despot named Darkside; while another claims the Green Lantern is Zatanna of Earth-97.  Whatever the truth may be, at the end of the Infinite Crisis, the Tangent Green Lantern crossed over to New Earth where she met Kyle Rayner of the Green Lantern Corps to whom she gave the lantern.  Rayner, in turn, gave the Chinese lantern to Guy Gardner for safekeeping.  What Gardner chooses to do with it remains to be seen.


A corona of green mist surrounds the lantern offset by the glowing, green light of the lantern itself.  By placing the lantern atop the grave of the recently deceased, the lantern can temporarily resurrect the dead, so that they may carry out any unfinished business before returning to the afterlife.  The lantern holds a mystical orb capable of wielding great power.  The orb's full range of capabilities has never been revealed.  One of it's known powers is the ability to channel blasts of green energy. The lantern can channel this energy and direct it at any object or opponent.  

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