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One of Coolest GL Compilations

  • This review is about the latest Secret Origin book with Ryan Reynolds cover.
  • One of the greatest GL compilations coming straight from Geoff Johns. This book is a great collectible value for both regular GL readers and newcomers alike.
  • The book begins with a one pager introduction by Ryan Reynolds about what he knew about GL before venturing into acting in the movie and what he learned during the making. How was his experience working with one of industry's greatest Geoff Johns.
  • Then there are totally 7 collected stories each worth 22 pages. It has all the origin bits in it - Hal Jordan being a reckless pilot at Ferris Inc., encounters Abin Sur and gets the ring, a bit about his childhood, his father and how he died.
  • Introduction to GL corps members such as Kilowog, Tomar-Re and of course a mind blowing introduction to Sinestro, The Greatest Green Lantern!! Hal Jordan gets to know more about Oa and gets some quality training from the guys up there.
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  • Stories about how Hal Jordan met Carol Ferris, how Hector Hammond was between him and Carol, and how he met with that accident to magnify his mind-reading ability.
  • The Guardians had the programmed manhunters created initially to protect the universe but that failed when they tried to take over by trying to destroy all living beings. Hal Jordan's encounter with the Guardians when he questions and their fears and about their intention of green lantern ring not working against yellow -these are one of my favorite parts.
  • Romantic bits about Carol Ferris and Sinestro and Hal Jordan fights and captures the Atrocitus, the red lantern.
  • Whenever every story in this book ends, there is one or two awesome extra art pages related to ongoing story point.
  • Finally this book ends with a few pages introduction to the Green lantern movie characters - Hector Hammond, Kilowog, Tomar-Re and Sinestro.
  • A one pager background on Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis at the end.
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