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Hal Jordan Answers For His Past

The Story:  
Hal Jordan teams up with Green Arrow to fight Mongul and later teams up with Batman to fight the Tattooed Man. One year after the Infinite Crisis, Hal Jordan finds Tomar Tu who crash landed on Earth. Jordan is caught off guard and wonders how it's possible when he killed Tomar Tu. Jordan returns to Oa and proposes a search for the other Green Lanterns thought killed by his hands to the Guardians, who turn him down. Jordan and Guy Gardner set out to find the lost Lanterns without consent and run into a bigger problem.  

My Thoughts:   
Famed writer Geoff Johns continues to breathe new life into Hal Jordan. Since his rebirth, Jordan has dedicated his life to the Green Lantern Corps, protecting Earth and being a better human being. Here we see Jordan's past begin to catch up with him. The central focus of this volume is on Hal Jordan and the other Green Lanterns that were killed by him. Believed to be dead until Jordan found Tomar Tu, Jordan seeks atonement for sins committed in the past with Guy Gardner accompanying him on the journey. 

The two issues where Jordan teams up with Green Arrow and Batman were very enjoyable. I especially liked reading the dialogue between Jordan and Batman.

While my Green Lantern knowledge isn't quite as extensive as the average readers, I still managed to enjoy this comic a lot. Some references I weren't familiar with, however Geoff Johns does a good job explaining for new readers to Green Lantern such as myself. 

The art is by the triple threat combination of Carlos Pacheco, Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis. Each artist brings something special to this comic. I love the art when reading Green Lantern. The colors are always nicely done and so vibrant. Sciver and Reis happen to be two of my personal favorites so I was thoroughly pleased with the artwork. 

This is something that should be in all Green Lantern fans collections. This series keeps getting better. Geoff Johns continues to deliver quality stories since Jordan's rebirth that have been both invigorating and emotional. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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