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The Dreaded Clip Episode?

The weakest of the first three Green Lantern collections by Geoff Johns ( Rebirth and Vol 1). The first half fills like out-of-place filler stories, which makes sense it was most likely being written while Johns was also planning and writing Infinite Crisis - which, I imagine would be somewhat stressful.
The second half propels us One Year Later after Infinite Crisis, and I'm not sure how much of the flaws I thought the Revenge of the Green Lanterns story arc had were due to poor writing or because the whole One Year Later idea sounds much better in theory than in practice. Theory, as I recall reading, was that DC thought it was best to go from Infinite Crisis to one year later in all the DCU titles so that it skips any lag stories might suffer if they have to spend lots of time talking about post-crisis cleanup and rebuilding, but if you jumped forward a year then everyone would be back in action doing super-hero shit and fighting bad guys. - In practice, it's just disorienting and the writers are forced to spend countless pages quickly trying to give the readers what little information they can to be not totally confused about why - for instance - Oliver Queen is a mayor. So what was supposed to be a way of helping create a more smooth return to the these series ends up slowing everything down.
Add on top of this the fact that it felt like Johns thought everyone should go over more of Hal Jordan's origin AND the events of Rebirth AGAIN and - flashback city.
In the end, I feel like Johns did pull it back together and renew my faith in, at least, Hal Jordan. He also manages to write Guy Gardner with more depth than other writers *cough* Gibbons *cough*, which I like. He's still a sexist, "look how manly I am" type, but at least Johns gives him some heart. Him, and Jordan, are simultaneously military-f**ks AND people who don't give a crap about the military they belong to when it conflicts with what they feel is right. I much prefer them saying "f you" (oh I wish they said "f*** you"...DC needs a MAX-esque imprint) to the Guardians - who I hate so so much - than them talking about their duty to the Corps - the self-appointed "guardians" of the universe (USA?!).
I do like the hints to the the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night. Johns obviously knew where he was taking Green Lantern (and most of the DCU) in the coming years. Oh! and 52. 52 52 52 52 52. Arrogant stupid Guardians. I hate the government and the Guardians are so government it hurts.
52 52 52 52.
And since this a review of the collected volume, I'll say a little word about the quality of the volume! I have the HC edition, and I love HC collections. And this is a pretty decent one, but not without a problem here or there. Mostly, HC collections do great until you end up with a two page spread and then you're kind of screwed if something important falls in-between the two pages where the binding devours page margins. Trade Paperbacks suffer from this problem as well, but the flexibility of the paperback makes it not a big deal. Bend a HC too much and you start to hear the binding making sad noises. I think I'd give the quality of the HC volume 4/5. I've definitely seen worse.

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