"Green Lantern" Rage of the Red Lanterns

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    Seeking vengeance against the Guardians for the Massacre of Space Sector 666, and revenge against Sinestro for imprisoning him on Ysmault, Atrocitus harnesses the power of anger to create the Red Lantern Corps. Now the leader of a pack of bloodthirsty savages, Atrocitus will kill anyone or anything that stands in the path of his rage.

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    Plot Summary

    With the end of the Sinestro Corps War, the Green Lanterns escort Sinestro back to his home world for summary execution. The convoy carrying him was attacked by members of the Sinestro Corps who are trying to free their leader (they were contacted by Scar). As the Green Lantern Corps battles with the Sinestro Corps they are both soon attacked by unknown attackers who seem to wield red rings. Hal soon sees that the Red Lanterns have Atrocitus and Laira as members of the team. They try to reason with Laira but she soon attacks them without mercy. The Red Lanterns capture Sinestro and leave the Green Lanterns to die, but they are rescued by Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps. Saint Walker uses his ring to extrinquish the Red Lanterns fires of range with each member and power up their rings. Saint Walker soon escorts Hal Jordan to Odym, where he sees that Ganthet and Sayd are the Blue Lantern Corps Guardians and are finishing with the newest recruit of the Blue Lantern Corps, Warth. 
     Later,  Hal Jordan, with his new Blue Lantern allies, travels to the world of Ysmault where to save Sinestro from the Red Lanterns, or the entire universe will not survive the upcoming Blackest Night.  The rescue is short lived as it is a trap set up by their leader, Atrocitus. Battle ensues with the help of the Blue Lanterns and members of the Sinestro Corp.  During the battle, Hal tries to free Laira from the Red Lantern Corps but just as he starts to makes progress, she is soon killed by Sinestro who has reclaimed his power ring. Hal completely enraged is soon taken by a  Red Lantern power ring. Unlike the other Red Lanterns, Hal is able to create constructs from his powers and holds the various Lanterns at bay before Saint Walker purges him of the red ring by placing his own Blue Lantern power ring upon Hal's finger, making him wield both Green and Blue Lantern rings simultaneously. With the power overload, the Red Lanterns are pushed back and  in the confusion of the battle, Sinestro manages an escape with members of his Sinestro Corps. They soon return to Qward where Sinestro activates their spare Central Power Battery and leaves his corps to return to Kroguar to safe guard hs daughter, which Atrocitus has discovered and intends to harm Sinestro throug her. Meanwhile, the Controllers, discover the Orange Light and seek out to control it, awaking Larfleeze, better known as Agent Orange, which in turns beings the War of Light that Scar has secretly been planning with Nekron.

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