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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 1416

Sector Partner: Chaselon

Homeworld: Xanador

Predecessor: Chaselon

Successor: Diamalon


The Green Lantern of Xanador represented Space Sector 1416 in the star-spanning Green Lantern Corps. Little has been revealed about his life, save for the cause of his demise. His lover was Dela Pharon, but she was better known by the power that possessed her, the Star Sapphire. Unfortunately, she was his killer as well due to her extreme sense of 'love'. After the Green Lantern's death, the entire world of Xanador was forever encased in crystal by the Star Sapphire.

**The Green Lantern of Xanador held his service after Chaselon and before Diamalon. Chaselon had already been a member of the Green Lantern Corps before the Xanador Lantern was introduced. As well, Carol Ferris had already operated under the Star Sapphire persona when Dela Pharon was given her own Star Sapphire gem. Due to Diamalon's death during the Sinestro Corps War, then it can either be assumed the Xanador Lantern was Chaselon's first sector partner or the Xanador Lantern served during Chaselon's time spent as captive of the Manhunters.**


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