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Little is known of the history of Green Lantern of Sector 3599.1 as her career was cut short.


Green Lantern of Sector 3599.1 was created by Peter J. Tomasi for his Green Lantern Corps story. She only appeared in one issue and was killed by page 3. She was never given a name, only a sector number.

Major Story Arcs


Green Lantern of Sector 3599.1 and her partner Green Lantern of Sector 3599.2 have just captured a dangerous arms dealer and take him back to their Sector House. There the pair upload their action report into the mainframe. Then the prisoner is cut in half by an unseen attacker. The Green Lanterns try to pinpoint the murderer, but 3599.2 is decapitated. 3599.1's ring is able to get a track on the murderer but he drains her ring then slices her in half like he did her prisoner. As a final insult the attacker cuts off 3599.1 ring finger and takes her ring.

It is later revealed 3588.1's murderer is a member of the Keepers.


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