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The Green Lantern of Sector 3457 was one of the last rookies trained by Kilowog shortly before he resigned as Corps Drill Instructor. Unknown to the Corps, the renegade Guardian Krona had formed an alliance with the powerful telepath Zardor. Zardor intended on subverting the Green Lantern Corps by siphoning power from the Corps rings and using that connection to exert mental control over rookie Lanterns.  
Lantern 3457 was one of a number of rookies who were unknowingly serving Zardor. Under his mental influence the rookies attacked Honor Guards Gardner, Arisia, and Kilowog, as well as Red Lantern Bleez, in an effort to stop the quartet from interfering with Zardor's plans.  
Zardor telepathically caused the rookies to see Gardner and company as Sinestro Corps soldiers. Thinking they were doing their duty, the rookies captured the Sinestros and intended on executing them under the First Law. Before they could act, Gardner's superior willpower allowed him to blast free from the rookies restraints. With the rookies shaken, Arisia, Kilowog, and Bleez were freed. Bleez instantly pounced upon Lantern 3461, and spewed the Red Lanterns burning blood in his face. 
Bleez attack had an unexpected result. The pain shocked Lantern 3461 into awareness. Zardor's mental hold was broken over the young Lantern, who saw that Gardner and company had been telling the truth. Zardor had been observing the conflict, and commanded 3457 and her colleagues to kill the Lantern.  
The rookies blasted their fellow Lantern with a barrage of energy, killing him instantly. Seconds later, Lantern 3547 and her fellow rookies were over powered by the Honor Guard. Before the Guard could decide what to do with them, Zardor telepathically directed the rookies to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head. Lantern 3457 put her ring to her temple and fired.
Lantern 3547's ring left her body to search the Sector for another worthy bearer. Presumably she will be laid to rest in the Crypts of Oa. Kilowog vowed to avenge her death.

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