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Love Is All You Need

Despite the terrible mismanagement of the goal of this journey, Kyle Rayner enjoyably embarks on the typical epic hero quest to master the resources under his control. Not since Lion-O conquered all around him have we seen a hero as well-rounded and thoroughly justified in ruling as Kyle Rayner. Until they throw it all away in, as we said, a terribly mismanaged climax to the Rise of the Third Army storyline, scraping Kyle as the savior of the spectrum and secret weapon against the Third Army in favor of Death By Editing. Commando Cody would be so proud. Despite the crossovers with Third Army and First Lantern, the New Guardians go mostly unfazed by those storylines and do their own thing up until the end, which is, unfortunately, the seeming end of Kyle Rayner as we know him. Once he saves the day, he is no longer fit for the universe and he must embark on a new adventure, effectively disbanding the band again and for all. Pity. Could have been something great, this. Wait a minute ... Kyle saves the day and has to leave just like Frodo ... and volume 1 was called "The Ring Bearer"! Oh, you sly boots! I knew this series would be worthwhile, even if it is ill-treated and poorly-used by the Powers That Be.

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