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Lester Del Ray Presents...

The sheer goofiness of the series continues, though it is not quite as carefree as the first volume, perhaps because it now has something to live up to. The Invictus storyline draws to its inevitable conclusion, replete with more stereotypical sci-fi tropes ... but that really is part of the fun of this series. It feels like an homage to 10-cent sci-fi novels, complete with scantily-clad maidens, though this time they are rescuing the scantily-clad males more often than not. Worlds are shattered, hopes are crushed, but hey, love wins in the end, so it's all okay. Kyle Rayner proves himself a fairly worthwhile hero and leader, even though the band breaks up before it really gets the chance to shine. The guy's gotta a big heart, and that will see him through. This is possibly the lightest-hearted series of the New 52 (though I admit I haven't read them all).

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