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The sleeper in the sun has awakened! Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and his renegade team of Lanterns are all that stands between the creature Invictus and planetary genocide. But in this battle, how did Fatality and the rest of the Lanterns end up being the bad guys?


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My children call me that 0

With four ongoing monthly titles now being offered by DC there is bound to be a certain amount of swing between titles for which has the most momentum.  At the moment this series is doing well, taking over for Red Lanterns for the cosmic story lines (though Green Lantern Corps has a long way to go.)  Here the seven ring bearers find themselves confronting Invictus, first two by two and then all together.  It is a fairly entertaining if not overly deep story which involves all the characters to a...

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Divine Judgement 0

Oh dear, this cover is REALLY crowded. Invictus doesn't even seem too threatening because of how he's just kind of shoved into the background. And of course, only 3 lanterns made it onscreen, and Fatality was put in the most boobs-exposed and ass-flaunting pose possible. For shame.Invictus makes a fantastic entry, an intimidating godlike entry that would indeed shake the confidence of mere mortals everywhere. He is an impressive foe, his power in purity. Despite attacking without provocation, he...

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What was Larfleeze's plan exactly? 0

So if you've been keeping up, we now know: 1. There's a big ol' god damn spaceship the size of a solar system. 2. Apparently several lost civilizations are housed in this science project ship including Tamaran and Okaara. 3. The only thing the various planets appear to have in common is that they all worship a deity with the same name as a movie with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. 4. For reasons that have yet to be adequately explained, Larfleeze is their Satan figure, which is hilarious. 5. App...

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