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A spacecraft the size of a solar system is on a collision course with Oa, home of the Guardians! As the AWOL Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and members of each of the different Corps make their way to the alien vessel, deep within the ship – within the very sun that serves as the craft's fuel source – the creature known as Seraphon stirs. A major new threat to the DC Universe debuts here!


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GL New Guardian #5 Review 0

Green Lantern New Guardian is becoming one of my favorite books out of the New 52. The team ( Kyle Rayner, Glomulus, Arkillo, Saint Walker, Fatality, Munk & Bleez) are a bad mix out of a comedy film, yet their interactions keep this series shinning. We see the team (minus Bleez) interacting with the massive ship/ solar system, and finding out secrets that compromise Larfreeze and the New Guardians into their foray and their encounter with Invictus.The High Points:Tony Bedard is making a shin...

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Search that orb 0

At this point in the the new 52 relaunch I may in fact be giving this series too much credit.  Heading into the reboot I was pretty excited about the cosmic series, most of which were focused around the Green Lanterns, but thus far I have been disappointed in certain respects with all of them except for this one.  One of the main issues is that the gender equality which was so well handled prior to the reboot is mostly absent in the series except for this one, which features the new female stars...

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Glomulus is Glomulus 0

So we start with the new guardians deciding to split up and search the enormous model solar system. Fatality goes with Munk. Arkillo begrudgingly goes with Saint Walker leaving Kyle with our adorable friend Glomulus. Meanwhile, Bleez has returned to Ysmault just prior to the events of Red Lanterns issue three where Attrocitus dunks her head in the blood lake and makes her smart... because I guess that's how that works. Cut to Larfleeze and Sayd, it's revealed that Larfleeze has alterior motives ...

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