Green Lantern: New Guardians #3

    Green Lantern: New Guardians » Green Lantern: New Guardians #3 - Part Three released by DC Comics on January 2012.

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    Lanterns united! Green, yellow, red, blue – soldiers from every Lantern Corps stand shoulder-to-shoulder against an unthinkable enemy: the Guardians of Oa! It's the New Guardians vs. old in a battle that will forever change Kyle Rayner's standing in the Green Lantern Corps! Plus: If the lone Orange Lantern ring is with Kyle Rayner, then what happened to its owner, Larfleeze? Finally, the answer revealed!


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    Is It Too Late To Make a Captain Planet Joke? 0

    The Good: The way Kyle's multiple flow of energies looks, using all at once, is incredible. The blend of colors and the unique flow of the energies is beautiful in action. I'm now impressed by the mystery behind the Orange Ring. It was one of the few we didn't see prior to joining Kyle, and it makes a lot of sense. Plus it leads directly into a wild new direction for the plot. The Bad: Why is Fatality the only one absent from the cover?Why would a human be unable to wield all light? Seems to me ...

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    A glimpse of things to come 0

    Summary and Scans can be viewed HereThe GoodCover- Kirkham, Batt & Ruffino turn in a lovely cover showcasing Ganthet and Kyle while all the other coloured lanterns lay at their feet defeated.Mystery- We all know Kyle is one hundred times the Green Lantern Hal is but why is he a ring magnet? Why can he wield all the power of the emotional spectrum? Sure we know he was Ion at one point and was essentially God but with the recent reboot we have no clue if this is still applicable?! Tony Bedward...

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    Little Blue Men = Ultimate Evil of the Universe 0

    I found this to be another outstanding issue. The emotional spectrum powered Kyle Rayner turns on the Guardians in a rage over the other guardians stripping Ganthet of his emotions—which I am just as enraged over to be honest. As the cover suggests though Kyle is unable to control all the rings and is quickly depowered. The Guardians once again show just how powerful they are by taking down the other lantern corps members as well, including the orange ring which turned out only to be a construct...

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