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Feeling Blue

The Story:

Relic's war against the Lantern Corps begins as he sets his sights on the Blue Lanterns.

The Good:

I think too many times in comics we get promises from creators that "things are going to change", "you won't believe what happens next", or "everyone dies". DC promised that Relic was going to change the face of the Green Lantern universe and this story is delivering. If you've been following, he's out to destroy the various Lantern Corps to prevent the emotional spectrum from being drained and ending the universe. It sounds somewhat silly but we've seen stranger concepts in comics.

In this issue, he targets the Blue Lanterns' new home world and his path of rage begins. Without spoilers, he does pretty much everything he has set out to do even with the Blue Lanterns being assisted by Kyle Rayner, Carol Ferris and the Templar Guardians. Wanton destruction follows in his wake and you have to read this issue to see what goes down with Saint Walker & company.

The art by Brad Walker and he keeps up with the action packed story. All of his scenes are very well done and particularly his gorgeous version of Carol Ferris.

The Bad:


The Score: 5/5

This series and direction are actually delivering on promises. I can't wait to see how and when Relic is stopped by the Lanterns.

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