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I have mixed feeling about Justic Jordan's work but I had high expectations about this issue and it was worth it.Jordan manages to jump quickly into the things how are and where Kyle is and introduces something new quite fast.I like his take on Kyle,he is not that good boy scout that he was and he has his own point of view about the Guardians and he should.He looks like a man and he sure fights like one.

Space SHarks!A big reason why you should love this issue.This was just amazingly funny and I loved the fight with them.It was just great fun action packed pages.There should be more of these space sharks and I even laughed harder when I heard that even Hal hasn't heard of them.

The pacing of the issue was kinda strange but it kinda worked.There was just too much happening in this issue and I understand that Jordan wanted the first issue to have build up,a fight and the introduction of the new villain.But it was messy.

The artwork was good but at times it seemed like it was too unreal.WHen Kyle was without the mask he looked normal but when his mask appears on his face the structure of his skull loked really deformed and that mask looked like it was 5 or 6 centimetres wide and just too unreal.

I am really pumped about next issue.To see more about Relic and what else is going to happen with Kyle and the Guardians.Jordan jumped in the book pretty well but these big threats that keep appearing with every arc in the Lantern books.It just seems like the Lanterns can't take a break and the readers as well.


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