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Dear God, Why Did This Series Ever Get Cancelled?

The Good: The narration is absolute genius. Actually all of the dialogue is simply amazing, there's some weird stuff going on but what's really important are the characters and what emotional situations they're going through. Then the action comes in and it's almost an interruption and you're like, Hey Monster! Get out of here! And then suddenly you feel exactly what the characters are feeling. It's amazing. 
The art is still awesome in that crazy way. 
A lot of depth is added to Ch'p. A lantern who has always been, at best, Chip with a lantern ring. But holy damn did things get serious with him this time his dialogue with Salaak gives you a much clearer time frame of reference for the story. But he's confused. And it makes this story more accessible. You can feel Ch'p's confusion and it begins to clear as his own confusion clears. 
A whole other layer is added onto the increasingly almost Doom Patrol bizarre mystery of the road. 
The Bad: You know what? Nothing. This time around there is nothing bad about this comic. 
In Conclusion: 5/5 
True to it's title, this comic takes what it means to be a superhero comic, and even what it means to be Green Lantern, and twists it just right into a true work of art. It dances just barely on the edge uf surreality and the writing is stunning. The plot is so mysterious it has me on the edge of my seat, absolutely ravenous for more. After only 2 issues, this is already nearing the top of my favorite titles.

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