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Of what i think of this movie. 2

More anime-like space opera than standard superhero fare, this newest OAV launches a glowing green bolt of light across the universe…Starting with the familiar origin of Hal Jordan, test pilot, the film nonetheless doesn’t spend too much time earth-bound or with love interest Carol Ferris: he becomes GL at the four-minute mark, takes off to join the rest of the Corps, and literally never looks back until the closing seconds.As usual, Andrea Romano has done a great job assembling a supporting voi...

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hoo-ray a decent cartoon movie for once 3

who in the comic community isn't a fan of Green Lantern? that right everybody has a green place in their heart for the green and black tights. GL: First Flight follows Hal Jordan as he is thrown into the super powered universe and trying to get a handle on his new bling-bling.  this is dc's first attempt to bring GL onto the small screen and surpizingly it was good?! DC has been able to make a few decent cartoon action flicks in the recent months. The New Frontier was great, wonder-woman was meh...

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Good Movie 5

I liked this movie a lot.  I thought it had a good plot; I liked how they included Carol Ferris, the Weaponers of Qward, and so many of the classic Green Lanterns.  There was a fair amount of bad language, which seems characteristic of these DC animated movies; kind of surprising for a kid's movie, but I guess they're trying to make it "cool'.  Hal Jordan's not my favorite Green Lantern either, but I liked how they did Sinestro, Boodikka, and the others.  It's a very entertaining movie, and it d...

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Serious Creative License Taken Here 0

Don't get me wrong.  Green Lantern: First Flight is a good movie.  It's fast-paced and action-packed and makes uses of a great deal of characters tied to the Green Lantern mythos.  However, for someone who is new to that mythos (myself included), it can be irritating to see a few of those characters acting in ways they normally would not.  We'll get back to that in a minute.    First, let me say that this is not an animated movie you should pick up from some discount department store and be thin...

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First Flight, a fun story but... 0

     Like every avid Green Lantern fan, I couldn't wait for the release of this DVD, but the first fifteen minutes of this film left me wondering whether or not I was losing my mind.  I don't remember Abin Sur having all that crap sticking out of his face.  I could have sworn he looked like a Nazi with hot-pink skin (minus the swastika).  And if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Atrocitus the one that killed him?  Anyways, over looking origin inconsistencies, this was still an excellent, suspenseful and ...

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Wow this movie is definitely one of the better comic book animated movies of all time, it had a lot of great action, a lot of great dialogue and was actually pretty true to the character of Green Lantern. Of course I am a big Green Lantern fan and I do know a bit about the character already but this movie isn't just great for the fans of GL but its also great for just average movie watchers. The majority of this movie takes place in space and has a bit of a star wars feel to it but don't let tha...

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Why Is Hal Awesome.... 1

Well let me start by saying that I kinda dropped Green Lantern after rebirth and kinda been coming in and out of Blackest Night and not really caring about Hal or any of the GL's again.  So I thought what the hell I will give this a chance and see what it had to offer and was I surprised. Now as always it never followed the origins story to the word but hell nowadays we have to just take that with a grain of salt when it comes to Animation or in fact any hero movie. The animation is fun and real...

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he is so extreme! 0

i've been watching GL first flight over and over since i got this copy. the story line about being steady and unique in character. i never thought hal jordan was more capable than i expected. with that power he can move two satellites at the same time. hope there's another movie coming up. ...

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Mundane 0

This film has received a lot of good word of mouth despite the fact that its crap. Compared to DC films like Under the read hood and Public Enemies green lantern is pretty mundane. The story is very basic and the characters are pretty much 2 dimension -especially Hal Jordan. The only performance that stands out is Sinestro towards the end. its basically a recycled police drama in space. The Lanterns are completely lacking when it comes to making viable constructs with the exception of Hal jordan...

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The Real Green Lantern Movie 0

Once again, as we've seen with Superman, Batman and Hellboy, the best movie version of this superhero is in animated form. This probably should surprise no one, given that 'live action' movies are motion pictures (photographs), whereas animated cartoons are literally motion comics. Anyway, this movie is the best Green Lantern movie so far.  After briefly retelling Green Lantern's (Hal Jordan) origin, the film (probably wisely) dispenses with any adjustment period of learning about hi...

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Has gotten better with time. 0

While performing a flight simulation, test pilot Hal Jordan mysteriously disappears along with the equipment he's manning. He's carried off to a crash site where he encounters a critically wounded alien, whom then offers him a mysterious green ring. The ring fits itself to Jordan's finger transforming him into a green and black clad warrior, in addition the ring also gives him various powers. He soon receives a visit from others wearing the same uniform explaining to him that he's become one of ...

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Not At All Cartoony 9

One of the best adaptations of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern to the silver screen. The animation is crisp and interesting and this is what Green Lantern should have been doing in the live action film; flying in space, using planets as billiard balls/make-shift weapons, and everything else.What I particularly liked about this one is unlike the live action piece of crap, this animated feature actually had a storyline in it that was fairly compelling. This isn't so much as an origin story but showin...

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Masterpiece 0

Green Lantern First Flight is a spectacular film that shows the journey of test pilot Hal Jordan into a member of the Green Lantern Corps. This movie has brilliant plots, fantastic characters and a dynamic story. This is a must-watch for any fans of Green Lantern. Phenomenal....

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