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Everyone Wants A Batcave

War of the Green Lanterns has really found its momentum now as it continues rolling strong in this issue. Peter Tomasi's previous chapter may have been dragged down by some awkward and forced scenes, but he nails it this time with the four formerly Green Lanterns digging their way into Oa's buried secrets.

Tomasi really captures the dynamic of these four characters. They are all equals, and there is really no leader here. Hal Jordan is so focused on the main target that he wants them to charge right in. John Stewart looks to the big picture and wants to strike a strategic target first. Guy Gardner just wants to take it straight to their enemies. And Kyle Rayner tries to keep the peace between them. Tomasi has these characters play well off each other and has their personalities show just as much as their new colors.

This issue reveals the Guardians own little Batcave along with its own alien Alfred, and it is a cool little scene with our four main characters sorting through are the old artifacts from a pre-Green Lantern Corps time. 

A lot of this issue is about getting the characters armed and positioned where they need to be for the third act of this big story, and it does a really good job at that task. The decisions made make sense for each character, even if they may not seem like the wisest of decisions.

This issue does have a couple minor negatives to it, though. Despite this being Guy's title, no special focus is put on him like it was in the last chapter with John and Kyle. This does not really hurt the issue, but it is disappointing not to get in Guy's head a little. Also, the apparent ease with which Hal seems able to use his yellow power ring is annoying given the difficulties some of the others have with their own rings. Parallax or not, Hal is far from some expert on fear and really should not be doing much better than John is with the indigo ring.

If War of the Green Lanterns can keep up this momentum, it may redeem a lot of its weak beginning. The new colors have made this story substantially more interesting despite the gimmick-y nature of it. Now, the story all hinges on what the third act has in store for us.

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