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Review: Emerald Warriors #7

Guy turns the tables on his mysterious captor, but his efforts are undercut by Sodam's new allegiance.

The Good

Having praised Tomasi's writing at length already, I should definitely pay proper credit to Pasarin's work, as he's the second half of the one-two punch that makes this such a great book. More than anything, I appreciate how he uses composition and detail to give a real sense of space and location to even the most outlandish scenarios. In particular, the part where Guy hijacks a snake and uses it to get to Bleez had an almost concrete sense of geography.

The Bad

I do get how Guy's got an indomitable will that gives him such power over other Lanterns, but I was still a little confused about how he seemed to escape from the snake's belly by basically ignoring its mesmerizing powers. Also, while it makes perfect sense, story-wise, I really wish they'd gone for a different design for Sodam's new costumes. A stick figure logo seems like such a step down from his smartly-designed Ion outfit.

The Verdict - 4.5/5

This is truly the era of Green Lantern at DC and I relish the title the most of all the GL books. It's a rare comic that satisfies everything I enjoy about superheroes while dropping most of what I don't enjoy. It feels strong and free in a way that really recalls the early Judge Dredd adventures in 2000 A.D. for me.

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