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Guy Gardner is seeing red rage! Much blood will be spilled, as the truth about his shocking pact with Atrocitus and Ganthet stands revealed to his teammates Kilowog and Arisia. And whose side will Sodam Yat find himself on?

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Review: Emerald Warriors #5 0

The secret of Guy's pact with Atrocitus is revealed just as his unit of Honor Lanterns are arrested by rookies mistaking them for the Sinestro Corps.  The Good I'm always impressed by how Tomasi infuses this outer space with such grand emotion and philosophical weight. In this issue, he puts Kilowog into the absolute worst position he could ever be in - - both physically and emotionally - - and that's exactly what a dramatist is supposed to do. Pasarin is just lush, too, and I appreciate his ...

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Prelude to War of the Green Lanterns 0

In the word of Killowog, I´m kinda of a newbie in the Green Lantern department. I started reading GL only last year, buying trades from the Geof Johns series, right in the middle of the Sinestro War and I just get caught in this amazing emerald world. I continued reading GL (bought the Origin, Rebirth etc), read Blackest Night and when Brightest Day begun I thought to myself "Heck, I´m already stuck in this, so I might just continue". And so I´ve beggun reading Green Lantern - Emerald Warriors a...

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Great stuff! 0

Emerald Warriors after only five issues is so far a great series. Peter J. Tomasi may not write Kilowog the best, but I love his characteristic of guy. What I liked: The writing was and art were very good, and I liked the whole thing involving the mind controlled green lanterns. I thought that Kilowog's expression, after learning that all of the green lanterns had died was spot on. I liked finding out more about the secret pack between Guy, Ganthet and Atrocitus. The whole glimpse of future with...

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