"Green Lantern" Emerald Twilight

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    Driven to desperation by the destruction of Coast City, Hal Jordan walks down a dark path that leads him to war against the Green Lantern Corps - and his own downfall.

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    Hal Jordan visited the remains of Coast City, finding a tattered doll in the crater. This willed him to recreate his city, and a fountain of energy flowed from his ring, creating every detail of Coast City from Hal's mind. By doing this, he violated the most sacred rule of the Green Lantern Corps; Never use your ring for personal gain. The projection stopped, because his ring had run out of power. A Guardian Of The Universe presented a projection of himself to Jordan, explaining that he must be transported to Oa to surrender his ring.

    Hal refused, insisting that he needed more power. He drained the energy of the projection into his ring, and took off towards Oa.

    Seeing Hal take off, Kyle Rayner and his girlfriend Alex mistook him for a shooting star.

    On Hal's journey to Oa, the Corps sent its members to stop him. Hal killed them all, taking their rings, making it easier and easier to kill the next. In a desperate attempt to stop him, the Guardians gave Sinestro, former Lantern of Korugar. his ring back. Hal removed all his rings but one, and they fought, man to man. Hal beat Sinestro to a pulp with his bare hands, and finally snapped his neck.

    As Hal walked towards the central power battery, Kilowog, who had already been defeated by Hal, returned to stop him. They traded blows, but due to Hal's extreme determination, he unleased a blast from his ring that burnt the flesh off of Kilowog's bones. He confronted the Guardians, and flew into the central power battery, absorbing all of its energy, causing the battery to explode. He became a new being, known as Parallax. The explosion of the battery killed all of the guardians but one, Ganthet.

    Ganthet took a ring and flew to earth, giving it to an artist. The artist's name; Kyle Rayner.


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