is this better or worse than emerald twilight/new dawn?

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personally i think new dawn is better as i found it hard to warm to Hal Jordan in this series. He is portrayed as a selfish jerk really, whereas kyle was just an average guy and i could realte more to him. Even the artwork,story, and action were better in new dawn. This is still a good enough read but im not going to become a Hal Jordan convert anytime soon.Kyle is the best GL in my opinion.

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i've already had this topic but i thought i'd actually comment on this.

why did you find it hard to warm to Hal?

i don't agree with your comment of him being portrayed as a 'selfish jerk', if you have read Emerald Twilight then you will know that during the Death of Superman series, Coast City was completely destroyed, killing and destroying everything that Hal cared for.

so after all that, he snapped. to be perfectly frank who wouldn't?

he knew The Guardians had the power to fix it, but they refused, so he tried to do it himself. to be perfectly honest i feel that "Emerald Twilight" was the best portrayal of a 'Human' superhero in DC's history. by the end of Emerald Twilight i actually felt that Hal had finally grown as a character, instead of being the 'mindless superhero' that everyone expected him to be, he wanted to actually put things right once and for all.

i agree with your comment on Kyle however, Kyle is an amazing character and that is the main point of a Green Lantern, in can be anyone, even the most 'ordinary person' can be a true hero.

If you don't like Hal as a character, thats fair enough. if you feel that Kyle was a better Green Lantern, thats your opinion, but please don't try and bring the "Hal Vs Kyle" war to these forums, i've had enough of it on the DC forums.


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I agree with Methos on the Story, it made Hal more human than any other hero. Batman, Supes, Flash, WW, they have had their loses, but they remain the statuesque symbols of superheroism. Hal broke, he was shattered to lose everything and became the devil to try to make it right. I liked it.

I do agree Kyle is an amazing Lantern too. However, Hal has been my favorite since I was young. He was a man who took up the ring in an effort to keep the peace and even tried to pay off hos debts to soceity before he finally lost it. THe whole Twilight series only made me like him more.

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no i understand the whole twilight idea,i said he was portrayed as a selfish jerk in emrald dawn.i mean he paralyses his best friend cause of his drinking!

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