Review: Green Lantern Corps #48

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Ganthet leaves his long term job as a Guardian, for both the Green and Blue Lantern Corps in order to become a Green Lantern. John Stewart teams up with the Alpha Lanterns. 

The Good

Everything seems to be a tie-in with Brightest Day, and although it seems incredibly annoying, this issue is anything but that. It finally feels like the Green Lantern Corps book is doing its own thing for once as Ganthet becomes a Green Lantern, and as John Stewart assists Boodikka. This story also has a "one of us! one of us!" feel as the Alpha-Lanterns take things a little too far, again. I've never liked the Alpha-Lanterns. They always seemed like filler to me, but this issue raises some interesting questions to where I want to know more about them. It makes me want to give them a second chance.Tony Bedard's writing is extremely strong and made me feel happy to read this book. Not only because it's great, but for once, I didn't feel like I was reading something that I needed to, just because I read the regular Green Lantern book. In addition, I like the fact there are captions under the characters names. It's hard to thrust people into this book, who have never read a Green Lantern book before, and have them not be confused about who's who and what they do. Those simple little captions really help out. Ardian Syaf's pencils are fabulous on this book. To me, the best part of it is the ammount of emotion he puts into the faces, without overdoing it. Sometimes, alien faces can be hard to read, but Ardian does a great job of not making it a guessing game for the reader.

The Bad

I have to wait another month to read on. Also, this really doesn't seem like a tie-in issue, so I don't see the point of putting "Brightest Day" on the cover.

The Verdict: 5/5

This is the place to start if you've wanted to start a Green Lantern book. Sure, things may be a little confusing, but this book does a much better  job of explaining the confusing stuff better than the regular Green Lantern book. It's the start of a new story, and a story that makes some uninteresting characters worthwhile for a change. Buy this book.
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As someone who was utterly disappointed with how Geoff Johns treated John Stewart (relegating him to the sidelines), I was very pleased to see Bedard really give the reader a good dose of Stewart. To a good portion of the GL Fanbase, Stewart's "the" Green Lantern and deserves better than what he got in Blackest Night. 
I'm really excited to see where Bedard goes (which probably includes a crossover with R.E.B.E.L.S.) with the Corps. It was a really strong issue that showed off the Corps doing their own thing as you said. 

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I was really disappointed in the new artist. I didn't like it nearly as much as Patrick Gleason.

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I enjoyed this issue a lot. The art isn't as good as Gleason's but it was a fun issue. I can't wait to see what happens with the Alpha Lanterns and what happens with Stewart and Boodikka

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That variant cover is awesome. I should have got that one instead. 
"Chillin' with this hammer construct, no big."

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You know something is gonna happen that makes Ganthets ring special since he made it himself. His ring will have more power than others or his cant be shut down by the guardians like the others or something special. What about them bringing back Ion? Im glad they explained a little about him not being used in blackest night. I wish they would have shown his people killing others with their powers (besides fighting for their lives). So he used to use the ring to keep the lead poisoning in check but did the evil guy fix his problem? What will become of him. I think this will lead to getting a new ion character.

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