gmanfromheck's Green Lantern Corps #59 - War of the Green Lanterns, Part Five review

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Get Ready for the Crayola Cavalry

The War of the Green Lanterns continues and now our heroes are wearing different colored rings.

The Good 

If you've been reading War of the Green Lanterns then you know we're in the middle of some crazy stuff. Obviously you should read part four in this week's Green Lantern #65. It is possible to figure out what's going on if you don't. Tony Bedard picks up where Geoff Johns left off and Hal, Kyle, Guy and John are no longer able to use their Green Lantern power rings since Krona's gained control over them. Their only choice was to use the rings of the other Lanterns that were sucked into the Black Book of Oa. We get to see how well their choices play out and the fact that they can't simply master the new rings right away adds to the intensity of the story.

The Bad 

So far we have a great story going on but you have to be willing to commit to all the different titles. It would seem that if you are reading Green Lantern Corps, you most likely are reading the other GL titles as well. The downside is this issue doesn't stand well on its own. You can jump in and get caught up with the built in recap but since this is part five of a ten part story, you really need to read the others to enjoy the complete story. The fact that this issue has to end with a set up for the next part sadly makes it feel like this is an incomplete issue.

The Verdict 

War of the Green Lanterns is crazy. This issue picks up immediately after the ring swap in Green Lantern #65. Hal, Kyle, Guy and John are now forced to wear the rings of the other Lanterns. That means things will get even crazier. The great thing about having a story arc cross over into the other related titles is we get each chapter in a faster manner. The (obvious) downside is you have to commit to buying all the different titles if you're not already reading them. Also when the entire story is collected, the change in art could be a slight distraction. Now that we're half way through, things are looking bad for the heroes. They have five more issues to straighten everything up and save the day (and universe).

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