Green Lantern Corps Recharge

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    With Hal Jordan returning to his rank of Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, the Green Lantern Corps formes once more.

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    The story starts with Green Lantern Tarkus Whin searching whithin the Star 196.The star later gets pulled inside a black hole pulling him inside as well.His rings escapes seeking a replacement from sector 1417.On Oa the Guardians Of The Universe tell Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner about the new recruits,among the new recruits are  korungan seorgeon Soranik Natu as a replacement for Green Lantern sector 1417 in Tarkus Whin stead.Two other recruits Rann soldier Vath Sarm and the Thanagarian saurian Isamot Kol,Ironnicly their races were at war during the Infinite Crisis.On Oa the Guardian Ganthet informs about the sudden Corps members deaths by blackholes.

         During the meeting a guardian informs Ganthet that Natu is missing,Natu was in an unkown location filled with webs.As she explores it she finds a Green Lantern hanging from a web she found.Meanwhile Green Lantern Guy Gardner is ordered to train the recruits.The annoyed Gardner leaves Oa but Killowog ask him to stay,since there are over 300 recruits and arel ooking for more.Then the senient planet Mogo tells the corps that a Thanagarian fleet appeared in his orbit destroying most of the planets resources.
      Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Guy Gardner Green Man and Stel go to Mogo to assist.Later they find out that Natu is somewhere in the Vega system.

    Vath Sarm and Isamot Kol are ordered to lure two ships away fromthe Star 38 later the star collapses into a black hole the two lanterns try to bring one of the ships out but get sucked in Killowog then rescues them.Once they get out they are approached by spiderliked creatures.The three fight off the creatures and escape the planet.Somewhere else on a station where vegan bounty hunters assembled with their leader.During the meeting the bounty hunter Fatality wants the lanterns for herself in revenge.

    Rayner and Gardner are in the Vega system and they find a Natu being held prisoner by a group of aliens.It later is revealed that the body she found was Whins body she then swallowed the her ring and was captured.She then makes a coffin for Whins body.Rayner and Gardner tell her to keep it to honr Whin.She creates a uniform for herself without the Lantern logo.On there way back they are ambushed by a group of bounty hunters they escape and get a signal for help from Killowog on the mechanical planet,the planet was a nest for the spider guild.Killowog then tells him that Sarm and Kol have went to find intel about the planet.While they

    travel they are attacked by a group of humanoid spiders. 

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