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By "rebuild" we mean not "here is some time to rebuild" but "you will definitely need to rebuild after all the destruction we are bringing your way now." One would think after two universe-destroying storylines, the Corps would get a chance to take a breath, regroup, figure what to do now that their leaders are all gone, that sort of thing. But no. Instead, everyone is grumpy and the entire universe for no explicable reason is antagonistic to the Corps. John Stewart takes over, since apparently Guy Gardner has joined the Red Corps off camera since the last volume. Things go from bad to worse, in part because of ludicrous shape-shifter plotline that certainly cannot please anyone ever. Dramatic irony on stage is one thing, since we know it will be resolved within the next two or three hours of our lives, but a nonsensical shape-shifter thread that continues issue after issue irritates like all get-out. I was wholly displeased with it, and I got to progress through these issues in one afternoon (not that it resolves in this volume of course, I mean, why would it?) - the poor subscribers who had to wait and wait and wait! Though, I suppose people who pay for New 52 issues must have already steeled themselves for that sort of treatment.

Things go from terrible to worse that terrible, as suddenly (and yet again in issues of a crossover event not included here) suddenly Oa blows up. And then we find out Light and Emotion have a finite source behind a stone Wall of Death at the edge of the Universe. Okydoky. Sure they do. And here I suspected emotion was a renewable resource. Why not just emasculate your entire do-gooders and make them feel bad for doing what they do? We all remember how well that "you have to stop using warp drive because it damages real space" episode of TNG went over. Disappointing.

The "Corps" idea comes up again, as we meet a bunch of new recruits. "Finally," we think, "part of the appeal of the series returns as we can see many Lanterns and their lives and such, just like back in volume 1!" And then that stops, sort of. Who knows what happened to all those other guys from volume 1? Suddenly, this new batch of rookies are the other available group of Lanterns to solve all problems. A bit of a stretch, though it is ameliorated by how well Stewart treats them ... after about three issues of treating them wholly derogatorily (and wholly out of his character).

A rough re-launch after the Tomasi "era." Oh, and the Rings are on the fritz, but that doesn't seem to ever get explained or resolved. Must have been something to do with the whole "the Light/Emotion Spectrum behind the Wall of Death" thing.

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