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Four stories told about Green Lanterns and friends and their “Rebirths”.

The Book of Rebirth- K’ryssma is emerges from her cocoon on Mosaic, and is greeted by four children. She explains to them that she was a Green Lantern before the Guardians left this Universe and the children explain to her that the Guardians have returned. She goes with them to the Book of Oa to find out what else she had missed during her stasis.

Adam this Time- Tells the origin and history of Adam.

Dreaming- Continued from Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #4, Alan Scott wakes up to find that he is young again. He finds out that a new Harlequin is responsible but to what end. The whole time he fights her, Icicle and Solomon Grundy he is never really sure if he is really awake or dreaming.

Whatever happened to Itty?-After leaving earth in Green Lantern #106, Itty has been traveling the universe in search of a true companion. While near the space station he met Hal Jordan he hears a cry for help. He discovers that there is another of his kind still alive, a female. He rushes to her aide but she in turn saves him from the Laroo. The two “mate” but the Laroo return and Itty is forced to escape with his new partner to earth to find Hal. Continued in Green Lantern #43.

Every Dog has His Day- G’nort and Sax girl (Rose) return to Sax girls home town of Cornucopia, and are quickly intertwined with a plan by the “leader” to take over the small town by switching the intelligence of the humans and the dogs. G’nort saves the day and stops the Leader (who is really Professor Gnavin, G’norts 6 grade teacher). When G’nort goes to leave and take the Leader to jail, Sax girl reveals that she needs to stay in Cornucopia and G’nort needs to continue his adventures without her.


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