Green Lantern Corps. Vol. 1: Fearsome

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Green Lantern Corps hardcover vol 1 Fearsome

I Loved It! This was a good, fun, quirky little tale, highlighting what’s best of the Green Lantern Corps, standing on it’s own merits but not completely alienated from the bigger picture of what’s going on in the Green Lantern mythos right now.

Peter J. Tomasi continues to do a good job of scripting John Stewart and Guy Gardner, not just as Lanterns, but people. The story was very good and I’m glad to be a part of this experience.

Fernando Pasarin, as the primary penciler did a very good job. From characters doing nothing but sitting and sharing a conversation to the explosive battles on foriegn worlds with many different types of life. He did receive additional pencil assists from Geraldo Borges and Claude St. Aubin and for his part, inker Scott Hanna shines in this effort as he seamlessly ties the pencils together making it virtually impossible to determine where the pencil assists occurred. The splash page of issue #2 in this collection is a breath taking representation of good, very good, comic art. I hope to own that original page.

The only complaint I can muster is that I wish Guy had done more with the Yellow Lanterns but that would probably have made it more of a New Guardians book. This was another example of why the Green Lantern books are so good.

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