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Potential, Interrupted

For those of you playing along at home, the part of potty-mouth jerk "superhero" is played by Guy Gardner. I guess some things don't change. This could have been a fairly intriguing story, but the incessant commitment to make Guy Gardner an annoying jabbermouth and the sheer absence of anything remotely resembling justice at the conclusion of the story makes for a frustrating read. Fortunately, Tomasi's, well, we'll call it "writing" for giggles, helps make the collection a rapid read. Because of the clever story idea, I'll give it 3 stars, despite its execution. Another positive of this is the time we get to spend with other Lanterns, especially some of our favorite support staff such as Kilowog and Salaak. It's nice that some of the time we get to see these other characters and not just focus on Gardner and Stewart (as nice as that might be for their fans).

The clever story idea, the existing of a race whose task of keeping the batteries having now been deleteriously affected by the Guardians (do these guys ever make good choices?), is one worth exploring. Unfortunately, Tomasi goes the easy route and makes them psychopathic killers bent on total revenge, utilizing torture and genocide as means to an end, clearly giving us little reason to empathize with their plight. They are all arbitrarily sentenced to bury their victims (not necessarily an unjust penalty) by Gardner, who apparently has permission to decide the fate of entire races just because. Oh, and this is after he gives himself the authority to use prisoners and bombs. Nice job, hero. Instead of addressing the Guardians' culpability for instigating the Keepers' path, we are just told, in effect, "good guys can do anything, since they are good guys." Could have been so much better, this.


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