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Who Are The Keepers?

The Story:

The title of this book is Green Lanterns Corps but don't let it fool you. This book is all about two characters: John Stewart & Guy Gardner. Other Lanterns make appearances but the focus is definitely on these two established Earth Lanterns. When a mysterious race begins robbing worlds of their natural resources its up to John and Guy to lead a squad of Lanterns to investigate and derail their plans.

The Good:

Tomasi does a fine job of establishing the characters of Stewart and Gardner. They are both complete opposites but play off each other very well. Guy Gardner's obnoxious personality is maxed out by Tomasi but there are also some good moments where he shows that he does have a softer side. John Stewart is forced to make some tough decisions in this book and he is definitely affected deeply by them.

The art by Pasarin is impressive. He captures a diverse group of characters very well, particularly in close ups. The massive group shots are a bit muddled but that's to be expected with as many alien races operating under the GLC banner. Drawing this group of characters is by no means easy but he does a fine job.

The Seekers are an interesting group and their motives are well founded. Without spoilers, they have a history with the Guardians of Oa and I found myself personally agreeing with their plight.

The Bad:

How many unknown crimes have the Guardians committed? I'm not a huge follower of the Lantern books but it seems they succeed in actually making the universe a more dangerous place with the acts they've undertaken. I would have also enjoyed seeing more of Kilowog and other Lanterns like Soranik and Arisia in this book. The group featured was interesting but I did find myself missing them.


At $14.99 this book was worth the price. You get 7 issues for a little over $2.00 an issue. I'd recommend it for hardcore Lantern fans and newcomers to the series.

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