Green Lantern Corps #8

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #8 - The Dark Side of Green Part 2 released by DC Comics on March 1, 2007.

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    On the homeworld of the Dominators, having freshly putting the scientist out of commission for inventing their weapon of war--the Khund the Caste Leaders Dominators discuss their next move. While sitting around the table for their discussions, The Dominator comes in an reminds them how important his work is. Somehow he's escaped the Caste Leaders entrapment and recooperated.

    On their way to their undercover mission on the Dominator homeworld, Guy and R'amey take the black pill and change outfits. They wait in space while Daggle heads to the surface to scout things out. While he's gone, Guy continues to complain that he was never let in on this special operations divison of the Corps and doubts of its existence. He believes that someone would have spilt the beans on it long ago if it were legit. After a while Daggle comes back to meet them and report of the findings. He states that he found a Khund, one that wasn't a normal Khund, and that he had mind reading ability.

    Daggle assigns Guy to take care of the Khund and for R'amey to come with him to locate and capture the comet fragment. They head for the surface.

    Guy approaches the Khund stealthily and readies for his attack. Just before he strikes the Khund calls him by name. He had been inside Guy's mind the entire time. He begins to probe Guy's mind and it is like "a thousand blades inside your head." Guy struggles to maintain the willpower to overcome the pain and situation. Guy is able to muster enough willpower to break free of his temporary set back and strike down the Khund just as The Dominator arrives. The Dominator is able to incapacitate Guy and now heads for the other two.

    Daggle and R'amey are using their willpower--as a ring--to track down the comet fragment. They locate the radioactive signature and are heading in the direction to recover it. They are stopped en route by The Dominator, who got their location from Guy's mind. The Dominator's apostle--the crazed khund--is able to incapacitate Daggle and The Dominator punches through R'amey and retrieves the black stone from her stomach. Immediately thereafter The Dominator injests the black rock and gains the power of the ring for himself...



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