Green Lantern Corps #59

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #59 - War of the Green Lanterns, Part Five released by DC Comics on June 1, 2011.

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    As "War of the Green Lanterns" rages, Hal, Guy, John and Kyle fight on—but standing in their way is Kilowog, Salaak and all their comrades. Are they prepared to hurt their friends in order to save the Corps?


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    John Stewart Will Shoot You With Mercy Bullets 0

    Tony Bedard takes the reigns of War of the Green Lanterns as the first writer to tackle our new multi-colored heroes as they undertake their first mission, saving Ganthet. It is an exciting issue for both the action and seeing the Lanterns struggle with their new rings.It is no surprise that Ganthet, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart get the strongest focus here since this is their book. We do see signs of Guy's red ring keeping him on the verge of going berserk, and some talk that Hal wearing the ye...

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    Get Ready for the Crayola Cavalry 0

    The War of the Green Lanterns continues and now our heroes are wearing different colored rings.The Good If you've been reading War of the Green Lanterns then you know we're in the middle of some crazy stuff. Obviously you should read part four in this week's Green Lantern #65. It is possible to figure out what's going on if you don't. Tony Bedard picks up where Geoff Johns left off and Hal, Kyle, Guy and John are no longer able to use their Green Lantern power rings since Krona's gained control ...

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    Power Rangers, Lantern! 0

     Scans and Summary here The Good Art- This book has the best coloring and lighting of the whole Green Lantern line, it just looks great. The Bad Cover- A bit over simplified for my tastes Power Rangers Lantern- I’m amused by the developments and more so how hard it is for everyone but Hal to use there powers….and the multiple colors with different powers always evokes a power rangers parallel. This issue felt like Filler….nothing of worth happened. The Ugly 2.5/5...

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