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Darn that Sinestro!


Excellent art that displays exactly what is going on with regard to the storyline.  Randy Mayor's art creates a great feel for what you hope to expect in this epic conclusion, and in this one rare exception I actually prefer his art to Ed Benes'! Shocking!  


Well now, it seems that the truce between Sinestro Corps and Green Lantern Corps has raised the stakes in favor of the warriors of fear.  Still, they face some powerful nemesis in the Qwardian Thunderers and the weapons they obtained from the stockpile.  It becomes a war to settle the score between Sinestro's thralls and vengeful Qwardians.  And in the end, the Weaponer himself makes a terribly unfortunate decision while we learn that once again, this whole Qwardian affair was another distraction from what was really brewing back home.  Oh yes and on his mission to find Deathstorm and the White Lantern Power Battery, Firestorm makes an appearance to fight the Sinestro Corps and bring some nuclear firepower into the mix!   

The Good: 

For me, the entire story was just altogether a consistent and epic conclusion to the tale of the Weaponer and his bid for vengeance on Sinestro for the ravaging of Qward.  I have really grown accustomed to liking his character, and not simply because of his use of the White energy in his shield to make him a highly effective tactician.  What was also good was how Ganthet claimed that this was all a distraction from what Krona was intending for the universe as a whole, and that combined with a bit of a teaser from the next issue shows this particular work to be an effective prelude to the impending civil war that the Green Lanterns are expected to undertake.   

The Bad:

  Unfortunately there is really not much to hate on this issue save for two things that just bother me a little.  One is how powerful Sinestro really has gotten, and even The Weaponer seems to not wield enough of the White power to put him down.  I can only attribute this to the fact that Sinestro wielded the White Lantern for a spell, but who knows? And the other thing is, eventually ::Stewie voice "SPOILER ALERT":: The Weaponer himself falls victim to Sinestro's swaying and becomes the newest inductee into the Sinestro Corps! Talk about disappointment when Weaponer from the beginning wanted nothing but vengeance for the Korrugarian's shenanigans!  Oh well, maybe it was his own fault for having crafted a yellow ring for him in the first place.   


  Tyler Kirkham's art is vivid and yet gritty at the same time in displaying this epic conclusion of let downs.  No let downs here whatsoever!  

Worth your while?  

Perfectly worth your while, especially if you've been paying close attention to Brightest Day and all the happenings of the Green Lantern Corps! This issue, like the whole Weaponer story, was something you just simply cannot ignore!  
4.5 out of 5

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