Green Lantern Corps #52

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #52 - Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns, Conclusion released by DC Comics on November 1, 2010.

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    BRIGHTEST DAY continues as the final part of the "Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns" features a confrontation between Cyborg Superman and Ganthet! Will the villain finally get the eternal sleep he so desperately seeks? Meanwhile, the Weaponers of Qward attempt to tap into the White Energy from the construct left behind by Deadman's battle with the Anti-Monitor.

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    Alpha Holocaust! 0

    Story: We have finally reached the conclusion of Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns. This issue starts off where we left off last issue. Everyone is afraid that Boodikka is going to die. Her mind is back but her body does not change back to normal. John helps Boodikka by performing surgery with his ring. Back at the sector house Alpha, Ganthet saves one of the Alpha Lanterns and her mind returns back to normal. Cyborg Superman wants him to save more but the ground starts to tremble. Outside, Kyle, Joh...

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    Poor Delivery for this Conclusion 0

    Okay, I can honestly say I was not impressed with this issue.  'Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns' was wrapped up way too quickly.  There was easily one more issue of story left to tell.  I think the only saving grace was that part of the issue was told from Boodikka's perspective.  'Revolt' is clearly a tale trying to mix the action of the Green Lantern Corps with the philosophy of transhumanism.  Don't get me wrong.  The first issues of this story arc were great, but I expected more from the ending...

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    He has friends 0

    This is the final issue of the Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns story arc, and after doing a decent job of building to it for 4 issues, this one kind of fizzles.  On the surface it is not that bad, just the combination of all the little parts sort of detract from the combined effort.  I appreciate the presence of Soranik here as always but she is almost ignored.  The other Lanterns don't receive particularly good treatment either, resorting to a drawn out battle sequence.  The real weakness though h...

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