Green Lantern Corps #51

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #51 - Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns, Part 4 released by DC Comics on October 1, 2010.

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    BRIGHTEST DAY continues as Hannu, the Green Lantern who does not want to use his power ring, is the only hope to rescue Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Ganthet. Does he stand a chance against an entire planet controlled by Cyborg Superman? Plus, what are the Qwardians are up to?

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    Alpha Lanterns of Brightest Day! 0

    Story: Cyborg Superman is forcing Ganthet to save Alpha Lantern Glibberquip, but Ganthet does not know how an Alpha Lantern is assembled or works. Ganthet runs out of time and Glibberquip kills himself. Now he wants him to try and revert another Alpha Lantern back to normal. In the underground John is telling Sora and Kyle all about Cyborg Superman and why he needs Ganthet. They realize that they need Stel. They also need the robot's Green Lantern. Kyle wants to call for back up but that will de...

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    Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns Getting A Little Stale at the Edges 0

    The Good: Revelation about why Cyborg Superman needs Ganthet. I liked it, it was something I totally hadn't thought about, and the timing for the reveal was nice. Art was pretty nice, I still miss Patrick Gleason though. All the main characters were used in a nice balance and well characterized. Ganthet feels EMOTIONS.  The Bad: For the second time this week a cover told too much. I just this week picked up The RIse of Arsenal and the cover of #2 told us what happened on THE LAST PAGE OF THE ISS...

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    This is going to take everyone 0

    This is one of the less common issues where a character does not get to use their superpowers and instead has to rely on their own ingenuity.  Soranik, Kyle and John are trapped in the caves of Grenda with their rings depleted or nearly so.  Meanwhile on the surface Hank Henshaw has Ganthet engaged in a difficult task and one which Ganthet takes on only with great hesitation.  Eventually the Lanterns below the surface manage a distress call and manage to rally some of the locals to their cause (...

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