Green Lantern Corps #50

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #50 - Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns, Part 3 released by DC Comics on September 1, 2010.

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    BRIGHTEST DAY burns on as Cyborg-Superman returns! You won't believe how far he'll go to secure his sinister new secret agenda. Plus, Green Lantern Ganthet has made a clandestine deal with Atrocitus. What is it and why might it spell doom for the Green Lantern Corps? The Emerald Warriors might have survived the BLACKEST NIGHT just in time for a great evil to rise!

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    Return of Cyborg Superman 0

    The Storyline: As John Stewart is on the verge of becoming one of Cyborg Supermans Alpha Lanterns, its up to Kyle Rayner to save John from the clutches of Cyborg Superman. How Cyborg Superman returned and what events took place during Blackest Night would all be explained in this issue.  The Good: - I can't say much for the storyline itself because this is the only issue I got out of the Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns storyline, there ups and downs that Ive found with it so far. In this issue, its...

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    Great but nothing '50th' nor 'Bright' 0

    Here we are at issue 50 of the series which displays the 'Brightest Day' heading on the Cover and is Part 3 of the 'Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns' story arc.   Nothing extra special here to celebrate 50 issues, just more of the same that we have been getting.   There is nothing in this issue that really feels part of the Brightest Day other than there are a few flashbacks to Blackest Night which for me only goes to reinforce my dislike to the abuse of tagging books as part of events when they rea...

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    She knows I mean it 0

    I liked the approach to this issue.  After the kind of shocking revelation at the end of the previous issue that Hank Henshaw had taken over the Manhunters, it sort of skips ahead a few scenes, skipping more talk and going straight into action, which is where we find Kyle, Soranik and Ganthet as the issue starts.  With this more exciting lead-in its makes Hank' monologue (while he is operating on John) all the more rooted in a strong issue.  This monologue was actually for me the highlight of th...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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