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Guy Gardner is helped by an unlikely savior in his battle against the bounty hunter Bolphunga. Meanwhile, in deep space, Lanterns pursue Thanagar's attackers and Mogo gives comfort. But all is not as it seems...

Still in a full-scale battle, Bolphunga and Guy are dukin' it out in the hotel Lobby. While Bolphunga is incapacitated temporarily, Guy finds out that someone else has had access to the safe. Luckily, the culprit was dumb enough to visit the scene of the crime again--Guy gives chase.

On Thanagar, Vath is still trying to stop a fleet of Citadel ships from doing a large amount of damage. Isamot is still faced with his difficult decision between his race and duty to the Corps. Just before Vath could not hold back any longer, Isamot shows up and saves the day. They push the fleet out of the system and out of harms way. Both the Lanterns begin to chase, are they going to be springing a trap?

Guy, still in chase, comes across old friends who lend a hand in the apprehension of the fugutive. In the process of interrogation, Bolphunga arrives and insists on getting revenge. The fugutive offers Guy's power ring to Bolphunga for assistance in his escape. Just in the nick of time three other Lanters come to the rescue. Guy wasn't answering his ring and so they came to investigate. Of course Bolphunga was no match for the three new arrivals and Guy was able to get his ring back. Salakk sends Guy on a new assignment, cancels Guy's shore leave, and sticks behind to mop up what's left.

On Mogo, Soranik reflects on her abiliites as a Lantern and seeks counsil. She sees an assortment of past acquaintences that she's had (i.e. past patients that passed away and Myrrt). Myrrt thanks her for visiting his family and for leaving his power lantern behind.

Coming out of hyperspace, Guy and Isamot are just behind the fleet. Soon as they emmerge they realize that they're in the Vega system. Because the Vega system is off limits to the Lanterns they're forced to vacate immediately or face a court martial.

On their way out of that sector they're hailed by another fellow Lantern requesting assistance. Thos would like to get their help with a local problem on a planet in sector 73. Ranx has a bit of a kidnapping problem which Guy is reluctant to lend a hand. One more thing, Ranx--the city itself--hates the Green Lantern Corps. Not the inhabitants in Ranx, but the actual sentient city hates the Corps.



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Surgeons must be careful when they take the knife 0

This is yet another issue which seems to be at its best when it focuses on Soranik.  There are three separate stories, the first with Guy on shore leave whiletrying to deal with Bolphunga, the second with Soranik on Mogo and then back on Korugar dealing with her fears and the legacy of being a lantern, and the third with Vath and Isamot tracking down the attackers of Thanagar.  The story with Soranik has the most depth, Mogo helps her realize that her contributions to the pace and order go far b...

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