Green Lantern Corps #49

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #49 - Revolt of The Alpha-Lanterns, Part 2 released by DC Comics on August 1, 2010.

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    BRIGHTEST DAY continues scorching with "The Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns" as the Alphas seek to recruit John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and even former Guardian Ganthet into their ranks! What is their ultimate goal – and who is the mastermind behind it all?    


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    Review: Green Lantern Corps #49 0

    Kyle, Sora and Ganthet must come to John's rescue after his investigation of the Alpha Lanterns puts him in the hands of the Cyborg Superman.  The Good I'm glad to see that, even though Blackest Night has concluded satisfactorily, there's still interesting stories to tell about how the Guardians and the Corps are dealing with its lingering issues. The notion of green representing will div...

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    Suppressed auras 0

    This issue as with most in either this series or Green Lantern is still seeking a bit of an identity after the huge crossover ran off a string of memorable issues.  Here though the story finally seems to get some better grounding back.  In somewhat of a departure thus far in this series, a large part of the action here focuses on John Stewart (who is more usually in Green Lantern) as he travels with Boodikka to Grenda to investigate what has been happening.  When his signal is lost Soranik, Kyle...

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    Revolt of The Reused Plot 0

    THE GOOD The art in the series has improved since the last issue while the last issues art was good it was inconsistent there was a moment where the art was terrible, this issue everything flowed the art was a lot better it was not on the par with Gleason but it was acceptable. On the writing it was good Bedard did a good job getting each character’s voice and he added to the character of John Stewart instead of just making him some sort of (pardon the Pun) military robot who just follows order...

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